Introduction To Cardio

CardioCardio has been considered as the most important aspect of every workout training routine.

Whether you are training to keep up your fitness level of you are training to develop hard muscles, cardio should be the prime part of your physical training sessions.

Cardio often helps in strengthening the heart as well as lungs. It also helps in preventing major heart issues and diseases. It increases stamina, endurance level and strengthens leg muscles.

Introduction To Cardio Exercise

As far as the best cardio exercise is concerned, you will surely like to try it consistently.

In order to determine the best cardio exercises, you will have to do the ones you enjoy the most and never afraid to try others as well, mix them up and you will surely get the best result in terms of loosing weight.

Interval cardio exercises are what you can perform while moving from one exercise to the other on a regular interval.

That means you can set the time for these exercises to do them one after another.

For example, you can spend fifteen minutes on the elliptical trainer and then spend some time on stationary bike to finish off with the treadmill while doing exercises for the last fifteen minutes.

Well, interval training is considered as the best mean to get everything fresh all the time!

There are two groups of exercises you can find when it’s all about cardio training.

The first group of exercises is slow and steady and the second group exercises are based on high-intensity workouts.

These two groups can be elaborated in the following manner:

Slow and Steady

  • Exercising for long duration; 45 min to one hour
  • Less intensity
  • Only burn the fat not the carbs
  • Protect joints


  • Exercising for short duration; twenty minutes to thirty minutes
  • Interval training based on high intensity workouts
  • Rev up the metabolism and burn adequate amount of calories
  • Sprinting like explosive movements should be performed to treat cardio while going for weights

Cardio exercise routine is the one that comprises of regular exercises and can pump your heart.

It often helps a person to lose body weight fast and offers an enhanced energy level.

Like other exercises, you should perform the cardio exercises to get more health benefits.

However, cardio exercises are considered as the best workouts for human body.

These workouts often help in developing hard muscles. It also helps in keeping your heart in the right shape and can eliminate many heart issues.

Here, you can find more details about top 10 cardio exercises to lose weight.

These exercises can really help you in developing a quality physique.

Following these exercises will allow you to stay healthy for a long time. 

Top 10 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

1. Running

RunningThis has been considered as the simplest form of cardio exercise.

It is a great activity that people enjoy to do.

It’s cheap as well as effective. There is no need to buy any special equipment for running.

All you need to have a pair of quality shoes and start running.

This will burn huge calorie amount from your body.

Add uphill running and sprints for your running routine to make it more effective.

This also helps in developing stamina and endurance.

2. Cross-Country Skiing

SkiingSkiing is a great sport and often loaded with great fun.

This sport is best for those who love to have adventure in their life.

In most of the countries where snow is available, this sport has managed to become popular.

This sport can offer you the best workouts for cardio.

Once you will soar a few distances, you can feel your heart rates are going up.

It often offers a great exercise for your heart.

For some people, learning this sport may be tough at the beginning, but once you will become acquainted with it, you will start to enjoy things and lose calorie at the same time.

3. Bicycling

BicyclingThis is a common sport in several countries and a splendid exercise.

Simply by using your bicycle as the mode of daily transport, you can get the best cardio exercise that you are looking for.

Cross country cycling is also a great mode to offer the best cardio exercise for your body.

Of course you can try indoor and outdoor cycling.

You will surely lose a great amount of calorie while doing this.

However, the amount of calories you will lose often depends on how fast your cycling is and how much you can resist.

4. Elliptical Trainer

EllipticalSpending time at the elliptical trainer is often considered as the best workout for cardio.

These days, most of the people looking for perfect cardio exercise love to try this.

This helps in developing your stamina, endurance and resistance.

You can try it as a perfect alternative to running.

Within a few days, you can burn a lot of calories successfully with the help of elliptical trainer.

5. Swimming

SwimmingThis has long been considered as the best cardio workout that people love to do.

Swimming is such an exercise that puts an impact on almost every body part to make them healthy, highly functional and active.

However, the benefits offered by swimming like exercise to keep your heart in the right shape cannot be ignored, whatsoever.

Swimming can help you in burning a major amount of calories daily while doing this activity for just one hour in a day.

if you are looking for a full body workout, then swimming is the right option for you.

6. Step Aerobics

Step AerobicsThe exercises of the body movements added for aerobics are often considered as the most beneficial ones for human heart.

For many this can be a fun activity.

well, step aerobics are what that often target your legs, hips and thighs.

It also helps in shedding off those extra pounds and keeps your body in the right shape.

Going for high-intensity step aerobics sessions can really help you in losing a major amount of body fat quickly.

7. Rowing

RowingThis is a quality and healthy sport, but at most of the gyms, this one if overlooked!

It can offer people the best cardio exercise.

It can develop heart rate while enhancing your stamina and endurance.

It also helps in developing chest and arms.

Many people follow this as a sporting activity.

Doing it regularly can really help in eliminating more body fats successfully!

8. Rock Climbing

Rock ClimbingThis has been considered as the best sporting activity for those who love to have adventure in their life.

But rock climbing is also considered as the best sporting activity that can offer the best cardio exercise.

Outdoor venues are the right place for rock climbing, but now day’s indoor venues for rock climbing have developed where you can perform this activity under a safe environment.

Apart from body strength, metal strength is also a big requirement for rock climbing.

Always stay careful to prevent injuries during this activity. So, use safety equipments and protective gears to perform this activity in a safe manner. This will help you in loosing great calorie amount in less time.

9. Walking

WalkingPerhaps this is the simplest one than other activities, but the most effective one in terms of burning calories.

Walking regularly for thirty minutes can even offer you major benefits while looking for the best cardio exercise.

There is hardly any special kind of equipment required to perform this activity. And adding additional effort for your walking can even enhance the health benefits for you.

If you really want to burn a lot of calories, then at least you can walk regularly for a good distance and gradually enhance the gap to burn more calories.

This is such an activity which you can perform at just anytime, in the morning or in the evening.

10. Handball

Hand ballThis has been considered as the most popular sporting activity and followed widely across the globe.

Though it’s a fun sport, but it does have more cardiovascular benefits to offer.

In this sport side-to-side sprints are common and that often helps in offering you the best cardio exercise you are looking for.

Circuit Training

Circuit TrainingApart from this circuit training has been considered as the most effective cardio exercise that can burn 30% more calories than other cardio exercises. This is also known as a great boredom eliminator! It can offer you several cardio benefits at one go while sculpting every muscle and blasting fat while going through a step by step workout session.

The reasons why people love to opt for circuit training?

  • During such training session, you will have to move from one exercise to the other quickly. so, your mind will stay fixed on cardio exercise and it will not wander to tune out.
  • Opting for all-strength circuit training can really burn 30% more body fat than regular weight exercises and offers you great cardio benefits. With this sort of training, you can burn 9% calories in just one minute.
  • A circuit training that is based on strength moves and cardio can sculpt muscle and blast fat convincingly. In this way, a person can lose 10% calories per minute.

How circuit training works?

Circuit trainings are often based on a series of cardio and strength exercises which should be repeated 2 to 3 times while having no rest or very little rest between each set. While doing this, you should have a watch in hand and the cardio equipment that you love the most. To make it more intense, you can add dumbbells of five to ten pounds and work on them. You are also required to find some workouts that suit you the best and perform them to receive better results.

Put them all together:

Choose the right circuit to achieve your objective.

  • First of all, you should look for the workouts that can help you in gaining firm muscles while melting fat fast. You can perform the strength exercises for 1 minute and alternate them with the cardio exercises that suit the level of your fitness. Do it repeatedly for three times and in just 30 minutes you will lose 270 to 360 calories successfully.
  • To get sculpt muscles; you can do some strength exercises for 1 minute and move from the first one to the second without taking a rest. Complete this circuit 4 times and there should be no rest between the sets. In just 30 minutes, you can burn 210 calories easily.
  • Blast the fat and bust the boredom! Do low, medium as well as high-intensity cardio exercises and spend five minutes for each. Rest for just ten seconds or less between each sets and move for the next schedule soon. Do this circuit for two times and if possible, then move for the second attempt. For the beginners, it is always better to stick to the low-intensity activities. However, experienced campaigners can always prefer to follow the high-intensity routine to get better results. With this you can lose 170 to 300 calories in just 30 minutes.

Ten steps to get better results while doing cardio exercises:

Cardio exercise shouldn’t be based on your favorite ones only. You should do the ones you enjoy and at the same time choose the one that helps in reducing body weight fast. In order to keep yourself motivated for having a better cardiovascular health you can follow a few tips.

  1. If the cardio exercise is something that you cannot perform for a long time, then stop on it. Do some cardio that you enjoy.
  2. Always have the right strategy ready to be used.
  3. Boredom can really kill your cardio plans, so choose the one you enjoy and love to do.
  4. Prefer to take help of an expert, so that you can determine whether or not you are doing it in the right manner.
  5. Stay away from the injury. This can really end cardio workout for you.
  6. Maintain a notebook to determine the cardio exercises you have accomplished.
  7. Always have an aim to get the heart rate that you want.
  8. Ask one of your friends to join you while doing the cardio exercises. This will help you a lot while doing high-intensity workouts.
  9. Opt for the best diet that can back up your cardio workouts in the best possible manner.
  10. Try different modes and exercises and never stick to a same pace.

We hope you must have liked the article. If you still looking for more ways to lose weight, here are some ways to lose weight.

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