Surrogacy is the process when a woman is hired by the couple to become the carrier of their child as the couple is not able to conceive. The surrogate mother can be the genetic mother of the child in the womb, where the sperm of the male partner is placed in their ovaries or the embryo is placed in the uterus where the intended mother’s uterus is unfit for the same. The surrogate mother always carries the baby inside her with the intention of giving the baby after birth to the intended parents. The first and most important procedure in surrogacy is the selection of the surrogate mother and they are examined to diagnose any disease or other genetic disorder. In India, surrogacy is considered to be legal and this is the reason, surrogacy in Chennai is promoted well by most of the recognized centers.

Surrogacy was made legal in the year 2002. The rules and regulations related to surrogacy allow even single parents who wish to have their own child to adopt surrogacy and approach surrogacy centers in Chennai, which is considered one of the medical hub of India. The rights also state that the surrogates do not have any right over the child born out of these surrogacy arrangements. Now there is a set of legislative rules provided by the Supreme Court of India that guides and directs the intended parents from the beginning of the surrogacy process to the end in Chennai. There are also many other rules and regulations that must be followed by medical centers in Chennai that organize surrogacy and other reproductive assistance.

It is important to sign an agreement between the surrogate and the intended parent, and it also means that the relatives can not act as surrogates. The agreement includes the clause that states that the intended parents have to incur all medical expenses, the cost of living of the surrogate until the birth of the child. The surrogate mother is in no way entitled to the child and can not claim the child during or after the surrogacy procedure. However, if the surrogate mother has donated the ovum, then an appropriate adoption procedure is undertaken that must be followed strictly. Surrogacy is becoming popular and most of the surrogacy centers in Chennai have advanced medical facilities to help general surrogacy procedures from start to finish.

Why surrogacy is considered in Chennai

It’s estimated that in India, 10 to 15 percent of couples are infertile making Chennai one of the cities having a high number. More than 200,000 cases of infertility are reported on an annual basis. And what individuals and couples endure is heartbreaking especially when a pregnancy or carrying to full term is unsuccessful.

Surrogacy has helped countless intended parents achieve their dreams of having a baby.

There are various reasons why both men and women in Chennai are diagnosed with infertility. While male issues primarily deal with sperm production and delivery challenges, women may be faced with the following medical health hindrances:

  • Ovulation ailments
  • Having been born without a uterus
  • Undergone a partial or total hysterectomy
  • Cervical abnormalities
  • Endometriosis
  • Low egg reserve
  • Hormonal challenges
  • Diabetes
  • Pulmonary hypertension

Advantages of Surrogacy in Chennai

  • Surrogacy is a wonderful option for intended parents to have a biological child in Chennai. This is a better option than adoption because the child you will have will be of your own flesh and blood. You need no longer worry about the history or background of the child you will have unlike with adoption.
  • One of the most important stipulations to remember on surrogacy is that at least one of the intended parent’s own cells is used for the conception of the child. This is to avoid any legal complications or problems that may arise once the child is born.
  • There are now many specialized agencies for surrogacy in Chennai. In India where surrogacy is legal and protected, there are surrogate centers in India that provide great assistance to intended parents. Like in Chennai, where surrogacy is permitted and protected by laws and stipulations there is much reliable surrogacy center in Chennai. Surrogacy centers in Chennai are well known for their professionalism and reliability on surrogacy.

Steps for medical surrogacy process in Chennai

The following are the medical processes used for surrogacy in Chennai.

  • The doctors will not use your eggs.

The eggs will always be from the intended parents or from a third donor, and that is what makes this not a traditional surrogacy. In traditional pregnancy, they are always your eggs and the sperm of your partner.

  • Series of tests

You must undergo a series of tests at the fertility center if you are selected to become a surrogate mother. This usually involves a vaginal ultrasound, a hysteroscopy, routine blood tests, etc. You will also have to undergo a Pap smear test to confirm that you are not suffering from cervical cancer and also a mammography test! All of these tests are just to make sure you have good health and will not affect the baby in your belly in a negative way.

  • Medications for the preparation of the uterus.

From the standard pills for birth control and estrogen, your uterus is well prepared to receive the embryo and this also includes medications to get the hormone progesterone. However, it should be kept in mind that medications can vary from one individual to another depending on several factors. IVF is the method used in gestational surrogacy.

  • Embryo transfer to the uterus

The embryos are rinsed in a liquid medium and then introduced into the uterus through the cervix and ultrasound can be used to ensure that the embryo is positioned correctly in the desired position. You may need to lie down for a period of time just after the successful transfer of the embryo.

  • Follow-up blood test

Usually, a simple blood test is done after two weeks of the embryo transfer to verify whether or not pregnancy has resulted. However, medications will continue at this stage as well until doctors confirm the same with an ultrasound test.

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