Stretch Marks during pregnancy is one of the most common issues that most of the pregnant mamas experience throughout their journey to motherhood. You will hardly find mamas who haven’t gone through this itching as well as irritating skin issue during pregnancy, and even after delivery.

If you are going to experience the taste of mommyhood for the first time in a few months and at your wits’ end what to do with those stubborn stretch marks, this post is exclusively for you.

Yes, you read it right! Here are the Causes, Prevention, and Ultimate Treatment of Pregnancy Stretch Marks. So, what else are you waiting for? Let’s get started without delay!

Causes of Stretch Marks:

You probably know, human body undergoes lots of changes during pregnancy. Changes in the skin are one of the most common among them. And, due to these changes, you are more likely to experience pigmentation, redness, stretch marks, discoloration, and so on.

You might lose confidence due to these changes as they affect your appearance sometimes. However, these changes are absolutely normal, and almost 90% of the pregnant women experience them.

One of the most apparent reasons for pregnancy stretch marks is the faster growth of your body. You are more likely to experience stretch marks, especially in your tummy as well as in the curves of the body if your body grows comparatively faster and your skin can hardly accommodate the growth. Though every woman doesn’t experience it, chances are there if you have a genetical background.

Here are a few things that influence on pregnancy stretch marks:

Genetical History: if your mummy had stretch marks, you are more likely to have them too ☹

Ethnicity: if you belong to the women group with the lesser amount of melanin in the skin, you may experience stretch marks.

Water Insufficiency: consumption of an insufficient amount of water dehydrated the skin, and it may result in stretch marks as well.

Scratching: as your tummy grows bigger with pregnancy, the upper layer of the skin becomes scratchy, and you might experience itching. And, if you scratch, you are more likely to come up with little scars and take the shape of stretch marks later on.

Now, let’s have a look at the things that can prevent you from having pregnancy stretch marks in the following:

Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Prevention

Being extra-careful during pregnancy is second to none to avoid having stretch marks on your tummy, thighs, buttocks, and on the curves of your body. Remember to drink plenty of water; I repeat PLENTY of water to keep the whole body hydrated. It increases the elasticity of the skin and contributes a lot to avoid pregnancy stretch marks. Remember not to scratch no matter how itchy your tummy feels.

Instead, gently apply a rich moisturizing cream, -cream with more cocoa butter is always preferable, to avoid scars that appear like stubborn stretch marks later on.

Overweight can be a considerable reason for your having pregnancy stretch marks. Focus more on maintaining your weight (don’t gain more weight than necessity) as you will naturally gain weight due to pregnancy.

Don’t forget to have a healthy diet as always. Remember to consume sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A, C, and E to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Keeping the skin hydrated is always the most effective way, and the best practice if you want to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Some specialized cream and rich lotion may help you keep the skin hydrated though they don’t work that much as the manufacturers claim them to be.

However, if your skin seems more toned, looks smoother, and feels better, you can try one of the most renowned brands for sure. Cream and lotion can also help to alleviate the itchiness you more likely to experience acutely as your tummy grows bigger with the passage of time.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Treatment

As mentioned earlier, some specially formulated creams, precisely, stretch mark creams are there that works as a temporary solution. You can try creams that are rich in cocoa butter, lanolin, and wheat germ oil.

These ingredients contribute to rebuild the skin structure and heal stretch marks. You can also try natural home remedies as well as cosmetics products to reduce the visibility of the marks.

Natural home remedies can be a decent choice to avoid pregnancy stretch marks if you have patience and can manage time.

However, if you are desperate and looking for a quicker and permanent solution to the issue, you can surely try Cosmetic Laser Treatment for sure. Though it works pretty fine for most of the mamas, it’s indeed a relatively expensive option to go for.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks are very common and most often a temporary skin issue. Most importantly, they often fade away with the passage of time and can be completely unnoticeable naturally.

Though it kills your confidence and blurs your self-image, it hardly has long-term health risks that you need to be worried about. Don’t do overthinking and go crazy! Follow as guided above, and I expect that you are going to experience a change soon.

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