Definitely, but first, know what is Chlamydia? It is a mute venereal disease that shows very mild symptoms to 1/3 of females and to half the men, it’s a clear writing on the wall. When these emerge, in ladies they appear like abnormal discharge from the vagina or without any smell, the periods becomes painful, bleeding in between the periods, pelvic pain with a mild fever, feel the burning sensation around the vagina and pain during intercourse.

Men also have some abnormal symptoms like pain or swelling in the testicles, painful urination or a slight yellowish fluid coming out from the tip of the penis.

It can spread to reproductive organs from the vagina, if not checked properly, affecting many organs from doing their functions normally. It can ruin the fallopian canals, bruising their infertility. 40% of the infected females can get pregnant outside the uterus, if the cure is not timely, can land in a severe dilemma, which can prove to be fatal for some.

In males the infection brings the severe pain if anything happens to male genitals, If no timely cure is taken, can further spread to kidneys or bladder. It can also affect the epididymis and spermatic cord, which brings the sperms from testicles to the penis. It can also make the quality and quantity of sperms deter. Males can also become impotent if the cure takes longer to happen. It can further infect the throat of people who indulge in oral sex with an infected partner.

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They have to be hospitalized so don’t do that. Instead of getting infected to such a terrible disease and feel embarrassed, we are going to tell you some home remedies that can keep away the Chlamydia symptoms from coming and knocking on your door.  

It is a well- known fact that 1 in 6 people get infected with STD all over the globe. So the home remedies are getting popular day by day. Here we are going to discuss them, some of the best home remedies for chlamydia are as follows:


It is a natural herb that cures of dozens of diseases due to its anti-viral and antibiotic features. You can eradicate Chlamydia by eating 3 or 4 cloves a day, before or during the meal doesn’t matter, better be regular. Natural chemicals found in it will destroy the infection in your body. If you feel a little uncomfortable in eating it raw, cook it with your meals daily. While eating it raw, can make you a bad smelling person for others. People who have diabetes should abstain from it. It will cause their blood to clot.

Keep another thing in mind, do not overeat it, not more than 4 cloves a day, it might get you prone to diarrhoea, nausea or you might even vomit. It might not be suitable for all, but it still has the power to be used as a cure from Chlamydia, that too instantly. 


These can be found in a number of natural elements like Goat’s milk, Yogurt made from it, Coconut kefir, kimchi, and many pickles. All these foods work together to kill the bad bacteria and strengthen the digestive system, boost energy, detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. There are pro-biotic drinks available which can be had in tandem to alter your taste, it will improve your results positively, which you are seeking. It may take a few days longer as everything depends on your personal chemistry. When you get cured, it will be better to get tested for Chlamydia to make you sure that you have eradicated the disease completely and then enjoy sex.


 Neem oil or its crushed seeds are equally beneficial to defuse the elements of Chlamydia. Both have anti-bacterial features. The authentic extracts of the Azadirachta indica Neem tree contain quinine hydrochloride and saponins, which help in deterring the virus of Chlamydia. You can drink Neem tea or create a mixture, which is used for douching. If you are infected severely then drinking the Neem tea is a better option. Drink 2 to 3 cups daily. If it’s not too serious and you can’t stand the taste of Neem tea, then get 50 leaves of the Neem tree and boil them in water. Then pouch it on the infected area, keep repeating this process for at least 10 days. Whatever method you choose, it will make you feel rejuvenated.

Olive Tree Extract

It has an ingredient called oleuropein, which is an arch rival of inflammation and bacteria. It gives a boost to your immune system. The extract of the Olive tree can be found in various forms like in powder, capsules, a salve, liquid concentrate or in dried tea leaves. It provides a number of opportunities on how to have it. No matter what method you choose the result will be the same, naturally a positive one. It will bestow you with anti-bacterial protections and give a push to your healing systems. The Olive tree extract can be drunk or rubbed on the infected part for 3 to 4 times a day for at least a week. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.   

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Astragalus plant

It is a plant which is a native of Asia. It has yellow roots and its medicinal properties were used in ancient Chinese medicines. The roots are boiled in plain water, then taken out and used in treating various ailments. It improves the immune system of all living things and thus it clashes with the bacteria of Chlamydia and completely kills it.

But better be sure that it should not be provided to pregnant ladies, children, nursing mothers and the people who have another ailment and taking some medicines. Even if you seem to get it from someone else, better make sure that these herbs come from organic farming. Only then these will show effects, positive ones, of course. So it important to get a laboratory test for chlamydia to know exactly about this disease. You can visit for a chlamydia test in Orlando Florida here: http://www.stdtestingorlando.net/chlamydia-test/. Safe sex, use precautions are the only way to escape from the chlamydia sexually transmitted disease because “precaution is always better than cure”. The above-mentioned remedies for chlamydia can be grown by you in your kitchen gardens but it would be better to get tested if you any of the chlamydia symptoms in your body. 

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This article has been contributed to our blog by Doctor Vikram Chauhan, MD – AYURVEDA 

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