Are you one of the victims of endless weight loss programs, excruciating exercise routines, 15 days challenges, 45 days challenges and still seem to lose less weight than promised or regained weight as fast as you lost it? Then we have all the reasons why and the perfect solutions for you.

Whether you are someone who struggles with weight issues all his/her life or gained weight gradually, looking thinner and better is always on your mind. You imagine yourself fitting into smaller-sized clothes, appearing perfect in photos and to look good while you walk around in the weirdest of clothes. Because if you are thin, you look good in anything. That is what YOU think. And this is exactly why weight loss programs are designed in a way that they sell talk to you and you buy it because you are desperate to fit in a red dress or your high school prom suit.

Let us tell you the truth. No new magical diet will come save you. 97% of the weight loss program’s victims regain their lost weight within 3 years. It gets worse with time. This will make you feel less happy and will affect your self-esteem as well.

Here is what you can do to keep your dignity while understanding how weight loss actually works.

Eat fats

fatty foods

They always tell you that you need to stop eating fatty foods and avoid them altogether because they make you fat. They don’t. Not all of them. Monosaturated fatty acids like Olive oil, nuts and avocados have proven results that they help in weight loss. Fats help your body in making it feel full and happy rather than sad and deprived. For example, a handful of nuts or some peanut butter added in a milkshake will help you feel full for hours.

Add chocolate


Every weight loss program asks you to stop eating desserts especially chocolate, but the fun part is, chocolate helps. The trick in it is that you need to eat dark chocolate with less sugar. So every time you are making your chocolate cravings work, you go light on sugar and heavy on cocoa. Cocoa is enriched with antioxidants and that helps in weight loss.

Be Dairy filled

Hundreds of weight loss plans tell us that we need to stop using anything that has dairy in it. But that is not the case. Calcium deficiency begins in people who avoid dairy completely and that impacts your bones and your strength. If you eat three servings of dairy daily, you’ll significantly reduce fat and feel stronger at the same time.

Start early

early morning workout

The whole slow and steady wins the race theory in weight loss works in a complete direction. Losing weight quickly makes you feel happy and it channels motivation to work harder in order to keep it away.

Balance exercise with diet

Just working hard like hell or starving yourself is not the healthy approach to losing weight. You need to balance your diet with your exercise in order to create a mindset that works for balancing your lifestyle rather than going towards the extreme. If you think you can eat all you want because you’ll work it all off, you are wrong. The balance between both is important.


If you sit all day on a couch and wouldn’t move, you won’t have any reason left to move at all. You’ll get too comfortable. So there is no such thing as ‘lose weight without exercising’. Move around. Get your home chores done. Start gardening, start moving. Walk around your office after an hour or two. You’ll see the results yourself.

Start cardio

cardio exercises

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the fastest, most effective way to reduce weight. Aerobic exercises demand that you increase energy and you increase your weight loss capacity. You need to switch between cardio exercises because you’ll get comfortable doing just one. If you are hitting the treadmill one day, swim the next day. Get a pair of sturdy boxing gloves and run a few rounds. Keep it exciting.

Make TV inspiring

Derive inspiration from your favorite Television or Movie stars and watch these things when you are working out. You’ll be distracted and you’ll work more. Laugh at your favorite sitcoms and know that you’ll be losing weight while you do it.

Reduce Junk food

junk food

You always opt for junk food when it comes to getting late. And if you have a desk job that means you’ll be sitting more and eating more. You’ll be bored and you would want to munch on a bag of chips. To rid that, keep some nuts in your drawer or grab a Greek yogurt instead of fries and nuggets.

Save money

save money

If you are spending way too much on outdoor food, you are sure to be stressed at the end of the month. So spend carefully. Watch your wallet and it will watch your weight for you. Treat yourself every month with your favorite meal. It will feel twice as pleasurable.

Sleep well

sleep well

Your sleep cycle effects your body mass. If you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to eat more because you would want to keep yourself awake by keeping your mouth occupied.

Weight Loss Programs Make You Feel Dumb!

All you have to do is realize exactly what makes you eat more and reduce it. It is your own understanding. You don’t need a weight loss program for that. Sleep properly, eat in moderation, drink more water and move. You’ll be perfect.

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