Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life? We all do! Nonetheless, we often fall prey to bad daily life choices which not only ruin our health to the core but also make us prone to life-threatening diseases, allergies and what not.

If you choose to live your life happily and that too, for a longer duration without feeling the need to visit the doctor often, here is a list of small swaps you can make easily.

These swaps will help you stay active, healthy, fit and will aid in stamina and energy all week long!

Here we go.

1. A Homemade Meal instead of Dining Out

Do you not like trusting your inner chef? Well, start doing it now and ditch dining out too often for the sake of your health. Not only is this ideology preferable in terms of finances but it will also help you avoid all those pesky calories which you can gain unconsciously at a restaurant. Turn up the heat and start cooking!

2. Sports game with Kids instead of a Movie

While weekend relaxation is must and watching a nice family movie can add to the overall satisfaction, nonetheless, did you ever think how your whole family can make the most of a nice game on the beachside or simply outside on your front lawn?

Indulge in a healthy activity with your kids to stay active every weekend instead of curling on your couch and munching on snacks!

3. Boiled Eggs instead of Fried Eggs

We all love our eggs sunny side up but having one fried egg a day can sometimes be dangerous for your health. If you love eggs, switch to a better alternative; boiled eggs!

Boiled eggs are not only low in calories but they can help you stay full for longer while providing the body with protein, energy, and vitamins. The fried egg will be full of excess calories so why not keep it as a weekend breakfast kinda’ thing?

4. Raw Fruits instead of Fruit Juice

While you should completely stop buying processed fruit juices from the grocery store, on the other hand, natural fruit juices are not advisable either. Whereas a single orange (raw) will provide you with fiber, pulp, vitamins, minerals, etc, the fruit juice will be a blend of 4-5 oranges and you might want to add sugar to it too, strain it and lose all the vitamins it would have brought you!

While 4-5 oranges will boost your calorie count one sip at a time, it is always healthier to eat your fruits instead of drinking them.

5. Inclined Treadmill or Trekking instead of Flat Treadmill

Love exercising on your treadmill at home? Switch to the inclined mode to keep things spicy! The flat treadmill can tone our muscles over time and they can reach a point where they won’t get into a further toned shape. For this reason, you should switch to an inclined mode, that too at a faster speed.

If this doesn’t sound like a good deal, opt for the best, and go out for trekking with friends in the fresh air! What could be better than this?

6. Water instead of Soda Drinks

Yes, we know this sounds boring but hey! Do you want to pack on extra 400 calories just for the sake of fizzy drinks? No way!

Wave these bad babies goodbye for good or at least controls your sodas per month to a maximum of 2! Switch your drinks with lemon water, plain water, iced mint water, etc.

7. Olive oil instead of Butter

Food cooked in butter is unhealthy, not only for the heart but also when gaining weight is taken into consideration. Enjoying olive oil instead of butter is a healthier option for heart patients and the rest of the family members as a whole. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated, has antioxidants and provides the body with vitamins such as vitamin E.

8. Green Tea for Black Tea

Green tea has natural antioxidants which the normal black tea doesn’t. Green tea can help flush out toxins and harmful chemicals from the body and can also aid in weight loss. Win win?

Go for these 8 awesome swaps and observe how your life changes for the better within days!

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