Alcohol use and consumption is a slippery slope. It can quickly spiral out of control as people develop unhealthy habits around its use. One social drink can turn into an out of control binge-drinking episode that has dire consequences for the drinker and everyone around him/her. 

While the majority of people can responsibly enjoy alcohol in moderation, using it to add to festivities and social occasions, there are some people that do develop an unhealthy relationship with drinking. Statistics show that nearly 10 percent of males and 5 percent of females over age 21 can be classified as “alcoholics”. 

With alcohol having social, emotional, and physical consequences directly related to its use, more and more people are choosing to abstain from drinking altogether in favor of developing a healthier lifestyle. Here are seven reasons that it is healthier to quit drinking than to continue imbibing for social reasons: 

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1. Your Memory Will Improve. 

Many heavy drinkers cite that they experience periods of “blackout”, where they don’t remember what they said or did during the period of heavy drinking. This can have dire consequences on their health and well being, especially if they engaged in harmful or illegal activities during that time period. Giving up alcohol, or at least enjoying it in moderation will ensure that you retain your wits, your judgment, and your memory about you. 

2. You Won’t Experience Hangovers. 

Ahh… the dreaded hangover. Fuzzy mouth, nausea, throbbing head, aches and pains, and sensitivity to light that are just not worth the party the night before. These are all indicators that your body has been through something that it does not wish to repeat. Do yourself a favor and open a sparkling water if you feel the need for a more austere beverage choice; your body will thank you. 

3. You won’t have to apologize for stupid behavior. 

How many of you have had to apologize for the ridiculous antics that you engaged in when you were drunk? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop sticking your tail between your legs and apologizing to friends and family for your behavior? Put that beer down, keep your sanity and your relationships, and learn to connect and enjoy yourself without this social lubricant. 

4. You’ll Save Money! 

A healthier bank account is one benefit of abstaining from alcohol. People spend staggering amounts of money buying this temporary high, and there is nothing to show for it except a dim recollection of the prior evening’s events. Put that money to good use by tucking it away and saving it for a dream vacation, one where you can make real and lasting memories with people you enjoy having around you. 

5. You’ll be Healthier. 

Where do we start? Alcohol and its consumption have been linked to conditions and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cirrhosis, heart disease, and even cancer! Still tempted to lift that glass to your lips? Ladies, listen up…. women who engage in moderate to heavy drinking two or more times a week are 15 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, with that statistic skyrocketing with each drink that you pour yourself. It’s just not worth the risk; every system in your body is affected by alcohol. Conversely, giving up alcohol will allow those overtaxed and toxic systems a much-needed break from carcinogens and free radicals that do so much damage to our bodies. 

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6. You’ll be able to Connect Emotionally with Others 

Alcohol tends to bring emotions to the surface, and while this may seem healthy at first, it often exaggerates things that otherwise might be expressed in a healthier manner. Abstaining from alcohol allows you to think and process emotions more clearly, and allows you to deepen your relationships with yourself and others authentically, rather than with the aid of a drink to loosen you up. 

7. You’ll Avoid Legal Trouble 

There tends to be a lot of regret on the pathway of overindulgence; many people who have been convicted of offenses due to alcohol use regret ever taking that first sip that led them down the road to self-destruction. It’s a lot easier, and healthier, to avoid convictions like domestic abuse, battery, assault, and DUI if you opt out of that after work cocktail and instead focus on finding social events that promote better relationships and good memories. 

Breaking free from the culture of drinking and its connections to your social life may seem difficult, but know this—there is a whole other world out there that is rich with life, health, and good relationships. Opt for that experience of life instead of dulling your sense with drink, and see how much better life becomes.
If you need to seek professional treatment for alcohol addiction, know that there are always options out there for you. Visit this site for more information: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/

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