weight loss before weddingWe all have those events, the events where we want to look absolutely fabulous and impress everyone with our weight loss.

Normally most people carry around a little extra weight that doesn’t look so great at these big events and a slim down is a great way to change that.

To look your best you may consider different weight loss regimens to help you slim down fast.

Cleanse Yourself

cleanse dietA popular way to slim down is to cleanse yourself using one of the various methods.

A cleanse focuses on only taking a certain liquid into your body for a prescribed amount of time. This method of slimming down has become ever popular as many celebrities testify of the slimming affects of their favorite cleanses.

There are countless numbers of cleanse recipes with most of them containing a majority of water.

By drinking this copious amount of water allows you to lose weight in the water your body is harboring normally.


fastingAnother way people slim down fast is by doing a fast.

A fast is not eating for a certain amount of time. This can harm your body if you do it for too long, but it does help weight loss.

The body goes into over drive thinking your slimming technique is actually starvation.

This will help you to digest some of the fat that resides in your body as storage. This method of slimming down can be very dangerous and should be monitored very carefully.

A slim down is not worth your life so if you start feeling dizzy, light headed or if you faint eat something and consult with a doctor.

Sweat can be so Sweet

sweat saunaThough most who want to lose weight know this secret it can be a great way of slimming down fast.

Saunas or sweat lodges can help you slim down. As you sweat your body gets rid of excess salts, minerals, and water.

By getting rid of all the things you don’t need you can be slimming to the perfect size. Another way sweat can help you slim down fast is exercise.

If you don’t normally exercise, starting a few weeks ahead, exercising a few times a week can help you lose weight naturally.

Fruits and Veggies

Fresh Vegetables and FruitsAnother slimming method is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

By replacing sugars and fats in your normal diet with fruits and vegetables you can slim down fast.

Using fruits and vegetables to slim down is an age old weight loss tactic. The natural vitamins, fiber, and sugars in fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight in a more permanent sense.

Slimming down with fruits and vegetables is a great healthy way to lose those last extra pounds.

Weight loss for those big events can be nerve wracking. You want to look your absolute best but you don’t want to go absolutely crazy from slimming down too fast.

Finding outfits that are slimming can help you feel confident even if your attempts to lose weight didn’t go exactly as planned. Slim down fast and feel your best by trying any of the above methods.

Remember that your body’s health should come before your beauty. If you are not feeling beautiful on the inside you can’t feel beautiful on the outside.

A healthy body and mind are more important than impressing people. Losing those few extra pounds before a big event are possible but do not take it to extremes. You will not impress anyone if you look sick.

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