Have you been trying desperately to lose weight fast? If you need guidance in finding a weight loss solution that fits your needs or abilities, then please read on for ways and tips to help you lose weight fast without taking pills.

#1 Drink Some Water

If you want quick results fast, at least to get you started, drop that soda habit and drink water. Not only will you avoid all the high fructose corn syrup, the deadliest diet killer known to humanity, you will help your body filter out toxins, lose weight and promote muscle growth.

8 glasses of water a day is the recommended amount of water for anyone to stay hydrated and a lot healthier than if you still drank soda.  Most sodas have ingredients to make your even thirstier so you will drink them more often. Water has nothing but itself to reduce thirst. Which one do you think is your friend?

#2 Eat Smaller but More Frequent Meals

Eat smaller, but more frequent meals. This will give your body’s metabolism a great work out. Thus metabolic work out will help you burn calories faster and slim down fast. This does not mean that you can just eat more food. You must have smaller portions. Other wise you are just going to double your weight and double your misery.

Traditionally, the human body was engineered to grab small portions, usually a fist sized portion, of food through out its day. With large meals it tends to slow things down due to the sudden shock of so much food at once. This shock will make you hold on to calories longer and store more fat. So remember these three words when grazing, “Smaller, Lighter, more frequent”.

A lot of nutritionists are of the school of thought that people should eat 6 small meals a day. These are again, small meals. No Hobbit sized second breakfasts or anything ridiculous like that, small light and nutritious. Always stick with one serving at each meal, seconds are just going to be stored as fat.

#3 Work Out with Free Weights

If you want to burn extra pounds then it is imperative that you add some weight training into your exercise regimen. Not only do you get the added benefit of faster caloric burn, but you add tone and definition to your body and improve your health overall.  All this and it boosts your metabolism, forcing your body into thinking it will need this for everyday survival.

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#4 Protein Is Your Friend

If you switch to a high protein diet it will boost your metabolism and help your body burn a lot more fat, and faster at that. Higher protein foods typically give one a full feeling that lasts far long than carbohydrates and fats.

Not only are you burning fat, but you are also keeping the muscle you already have. Often when a person diets his protein intake suffers as well and he loses muscle mass, adding to that overall flabby physical outlook.

Coupled with weight training this weight loss solution can actually help you build muscle, this can confuse many who don’t understand how they can begin to feel lighter and thinner but weigh more. Muscle is heavy.

Make sure when choosing protein sources that you don’t end up with a whole bunch of extra calories. Always choose, when hunting for protein bars and supplements, bars that advertise protein before anything else. Don’t buy energy bars, remember the other terms for energy, calorie.  Also be aware that certain sources of protein are also sources of fat that will sabotage any attempt to lose weight.

We hope these weight loss tips will help you lose some weight quickly. You may also read this article for more weight loss tips.

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