Despite how hard you work to make those gains and keep up with a healthy lifestyle, everyone, including you, will fall off the wagon at some time.  Be it a few beers or too many happy hour appetizers after work on Fridays, there are times the “devil’s water” and fried foods creep into our lives. We work and therefore, every so often, we have to play hard, too.  This train of thought is fine if you embrace the fact that it will lead to some work down the road.

What you need to be aware of is that playing hard is not the only thing that can wreak havoc on your body.  In fact, there are some daily routines that everyone practices that can drop a bomb on your health and wellness.  

A lifestyle where you’re aware of how your body processes all the toxins that it’s exposed to on a daily basis, can help you cleanse it and keep you on the path to health and wellness.  If you want to keep making those all important gains, you need to learn how to clean up your mess.  Your body will tell you when it needs a good detox.  So make sure you listen to the signs.

Here are 11 ways your body is telling you to flush the toxins.

1. Fatigue

Being tired after a long day is one thing, but feeling like you have no energy from the moment you wake up and throughout the day until you go back to bed is another. Fatigue can be a sign of sleep apnea or some other sleeping disorder, but it often comes from too much fun food or other environmental factors.  Remember those weekend wings and beers will lead a crash.  You need to cut off the possibility of setbacks before they start.

2. Insomnia

Getting the right amount of sleep is one of the most important things a person can do for their health. Unfortunately, busy lifestyles–work, kids, gym, house repairs, and keeping your spouse quiet (I mean happy)–can make sleep hard to come by. There is often a vicious cycle between fatigue and insomnia. We wake up tired, and so we have that cup of coffee, and then that extra cup. Later on, we drink even more to keep us going so we can finish the day. It doesn’t have to be coffee. It can be energy drinks, which also add to the problem due to their high sugar content. Regardless, the end result is that all those stimulants linger around in our bodies late at night and keep us awake, despite how tired we feel.

3. Body Odor

If you smell badly outside the gym, you have bigger problems than you can imagine.  No one wants to hang out or do business with the guy who smells like a locker room.  One easy way to fix this problem is to purge the garbage out of your system.  The odor is a telltale sign that the liver is not removing unwanted toxins from your body.  The primary way that the liver releases these harmful agents is through the bowels and through the urine.  So, if you smell bad, odds are you need to speed up the release process.  An easy and effective way to do this is with a cleanse detox.  Drinking the right blend of teas will help your body release what has built up in the exit corridors.

4. Bad Breath

Like body odor, a furry tongue and toilet breath is another painfully obvious sign that you need to take out the trash that is lingering in your body.  If you are like most, you turn to mouthwash and different types of toothpaste to mask the rotten smell.  But, oddly enough, those toiletries are full of chemicals that set up shop in your body and add more poison your system.  Those are the same toxins that are causing your breath to smell like your gym bag.  The answer is simple, remove the waste from your large intestines. Purging the toxic chemicals that toiletries deposit in your body will clear that breath right up.

5. Acne and Rashes

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it protects us from all the toxins and germs that want in. This means our skin is like a suit of armor, and for it to do what it does, it has to be tough. Our skin is also sensitive, and like any other bodily system, our diet and environment can throw it out of balance and harm it. We’ve all had a sunburn, but what we eat and drink can do damage as well, because our skin will have a reaction to any toxins we take in.

6. Weight Gain

Sometimes you carry a few extra pounds because you decided to have a few extra servings. Other times, you keep on weight due to stress.  No matter how much cardio you do or how many reps you get it, toxins and poor nutrition can slow down your metabolism, and make it naturally harder to burn off the calories.  Stress in general gears up our bodies to store more fat. The right cleanses can help raise your metabolism so you can feel better and shed those unwanted pounds.

7. Food Cravings

We all have food cravings.  The smell of the grill can certainly make the mouth water for a great burger or steak.  But, food cravings triggered because of processed foods’ leftover poison in your body means you need to take care of business.  Processed foods artificially stimulate dopamine in your brain.  This is the body’s pleasure sensor.  So, by stimulating dopamine, your brain starts to associate garbage food with pleasure.  It mirrors that behavior of addiction.  It’s the same reason you have to have a beer when watching the game–your body ties the two together and associates them with pleasure.  If you are getting cravings for junk food, odds are you need to bump up the whole foods in your diet and find a way to rid your body of the toxins the processed food companies are sneaking into your system.

8. Allergies

Allergies are, in a nutshell, an immune response to what is basically a benign substance that took things a bit too seriously. Our immune system is like every other part of us, in that it can be thrown out of whack by external factors. Sugar, alcohol and unhealthy habits can all take their toll on the immune system, and lower its effectiveness. A good detox might not cure every case of hay fever, but you might be surprised at how it can make you feel.

9. Anxiety and Depression

Mental illness was an undiagnosed epidemic for decades. Sufferers were told to get over it or simply smile and get on with their day. A greater understanding of exactly what mental illness is has led to better treatment. Now, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme. For every person with an actual chemical imbalance in the brain, there are far more who could achieve peace of mind through lifestyle changes instead of a prescription. Exercise is one of the most under prescribed cures for mild anxiety and depression, and so change to diet. Foods high in sugar and caffeine have been shown to increase anxiousness and reduce serotonin levels, which can lead to a depressive state.

10. Digestive Issues

There is a mix of beneficial bacteria in our gut that aid in digestion. Unfortunately, many grab and go, processed foods kill these beneficial bacteria which throws our digestive systems into spasms. Probiotics can help restore some of the damage, but if a person keeps ingesting the same toxins and unhealthy foods, all they are doing is pouring water on one-half of the fire while pouring gasoline on the other half.

11. Headache

These unavoidable annoyances hit us all from time to time. Our electronic gadgets can give us eyestrain, and so can staring at the office computer for hours on end. What we eat can also be a culprit. For example, MSG in processed food has been known to contribute to migraines, as do many artificial sweeteners. The funny thing is that even detoxing can cause headaches. Try going without caffeine for a couple of days and see what happens. There is a huge difference, though. Getting a headache from eating foods with MSG is your body adversely reacting to too much of a foreign substance. Cutting out caffeine is a symptom of withdrawal from an addiction.


The effects of these toxins are as numerous and far reaching as they are commonplace. Many of us have gotten so used to the symptoms of these toxins building up in our bodies that we’ve come to think of them as part of daily life. Don’t accept that. You can feel better again by going through a cleanse detox. If you regularly have any of these symptoms, a detox might be exactly what you need to feel better than ever before.

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